About Us
About Us

Multidisciplinary Experts

We set up our career consultancy iTalentJob in 2013. From that moment on we have supported and helped fresh graduates - and also more experienced professionals - find a job with brand new tools!

  • Finding a job is a stressful and intensive process.
    CV, job applications, interviews, negotiations and much more!

  • We stand by your side supporting you with tips, last minute requests and moral support.

  • All we want is you to find the job you want.

Why Choose iTalentJob


We won't tell you what to do. We will explain you how, so you can do it again alone any time you need.


Do you have a dream goal for your career? iTalentJob can plan your next moves in order to reach it much faster.

- We study your past experiences
- We analyse what you need to get in it
- We design your path to success

Why Choose iTalentJob
Meet the team

The founders

Tommaso Lucentini
Tommaso Lucentini

Graduated in Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Tommaso has founded iTalentJob since 2013. He has started off his career by working between Italy, Thailand and United Kingdom where he built extensive knowledge of digital marketing in the two different continents. He is very passioned about digital marketing and his goal is to contribute to people happiness and success with iTalentJob. He has also been nominated as a Crowdsourcing Ambassador for the international organisation Crowdsourcing Week in August 2015.

Marco Aurelio Cutrufo
Marco Aurelio Cutrufo

Marco Aurelio graduated in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Soon after he achieves two masters degree certification. One in Web Reputation at IULM University – being one of the first graduates in Italy – and one in coding at Talent Garden. Marco Aurelio has co-founded iTalentJob in 2013 and he then started his own reputation agency, Workengo, in 2017.In 2018 he has also been an Ambassador for Mashable and has also been nominated as a Personal and Brand Reputation Teacher at Italian University “Universit√† degli Studi Roma Tre”.