Do you love people? Working in HR will enrich your life!


Have you ever thought about working in HR (Human Resources)? Every company needs a human resources department at some point during their development. Its purpose is to manage the life inside and outside the building and the success of the company.

But what is HR?

Human resources is vital for some things that may not seem obvious, such as the circulation of information in the building, or organising events for the company (Christmas meals, promotions etc).

But firstly, you will need to manage the employees; this is the main part of the human resources mission. You will handle social relations, for example you will have to recruit the best profiles, but potentially fire some employees also.

You must follow their career and advancement within the company, and take care of them with regard to their payslips, sick days, contracts, etc.

To be successful in this field you will most importantly need an interest in people, as this is what the job is about, first and foremost. However, good organisation and self-governance are important skills that potential employers will look for. Good knowledge and confidence with programs such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint will help you get ahead. Potential employers will also look for those who ask themselves the right questions, rather than those who just find the right solutions.

Apply for working in HR, and be confident!

In the same way as any other job, getting hired in HR is not easy: from the first connection to the final step of the job interview you need to have a special touch and a delicate sensibility to impress your future employer.

However, with HR, your interpersonal skills will be even more important at your first interview. The whole profession revolves around these, so employers will be looking for someone who is relatable and connects well with others.

A company is nothing without human resources, and they are waiting for pro-active people like you.

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