Risk everything! Work for a startup!!

You’ve been working for the big corporate entities for awhile and you’ve decided that a change of scenery and culture is needed. Or you are a recent graduate who wants to learn how to start a business and you aren’t…

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Storie di Italiani all’estero – Story #2

Per la nostra rubrica Italiani all’estero, oggi Cristina racconta la sua storia! Buona lettura Una soltanto credo sia la domanda che più mi confonde: “programmi per il futuro?”. 20 anni e già un piccolo sguardo gettato al mondo: lo scorso anno…

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Do you love people? Working in HR will enrich your life!

Have you ever thought about working in HR (Human Resources)? Every company needs a human resources department at some point during their development. Its purpose is to manage the life inside and outside the building and the success of the…

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