Why creating your own job will enrich your life


Looking for a job is not always as easy as you anticipate. Most of the time the results of job applications are failures: there will probably be only one positive result – because once you find a job, the search stops – alongside many rejections. Sometimes it is more rewarding to create new opportunities from scratch. If you want to live a challenging life, in which you are definitely the key player, and you are not afraid to take risks on your own, creating your own job is one of the best thing you can do. There are many positive results that can be highlighted by the start of a new business:

  • You enrich your curriculum with new experiences;
  • You strengthen skills such entrepreneurship, ambition, leadership (if you are leading a group), resourcefulness and many more;
  • Looking for a job after your experience will be much more easier;
  • You can decide what kind of job you want do do during the day;
  • You can establish your team with people you like and trust;
  • You can have the experience you need to apply for the jobs you would love to do;
  • And finally, you can earn a lot of money if your project is successful;

Here we can see some of the most common examples of creative job entrepreneur that changed their – and other people’s – lives.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc.

One of the most successful stories of all the times, common knowledge to us all, is that of Steve Jobs. He was passionate about electronics and design. As soon as he officially quitted Stanford University he started attending typography classes, teaching him how the computer users’ experience would change as a consequence of using an attractive font. With the help of his co-founders, they started building the first Apple computer in the family garage before selling them. His success continued until his death in 2011. We can now see the video of his last speech to all the graduates of Stanford University which can in turn inspire you to start a new business.  

Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

Richard Branson, at the age of 16, after quitting his school, he sold newspapers to students. On the back of this, he later founded the Virgin Group. His success started with music: Branson sponsored artists with his brand new Virgin Records. His entrepreneurial attitude never abandoned him, and he has had a hand in founding more than 200 companies in 30 different countries. In this video he is telling us some of his secrets to succeed with different business ventures.  

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook

Another famous person who found his success in his early life is Mark Zuckerberg, he created one of the two most used social networks on the planet. A simple but effective idea of connecting with other people across his campus, coding skills and the power of collaboration between colleagues at university, brought him to be one of the youngest most successful entrepreneur of all the time. In this video he explains us what are the three key to success for young entrepreneurs. Young people don’t have anything to lose, they don’t have as much responsibilities as they will have later in life – if they lose their current job, they have enough skills, motivation, time and energy to find another job. Don’t be afraid of failure, nobody is perfect. As soon as you complete your adventure, both the good and bad parts will ultimately be a reward for your hard work. The next time you apply for a new job, your future employer recognizing how hard it is to create a new business project, will appreciate your entrepreneurial activity and the guts and stamina it took to succeed. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, creating your own job is a priority!

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