The importance of continuous improvement


Why do I have to try so hard? I’m already fine as I am, do I have to change?

Everyone can make their own choices, because it is right, but those who ask themselves these questions often don’t ask themselves whether or not it is right to live in mediocrity, because those who ask themselves these questions live with a not excellent standard of living.

For you who have opened this article, if you have arrived here there is a reason, if you are reading this article you show that you want to improve, you have made an excellent choice.

A choice, however, implies an action, or many actions, to improve is not instantaneous, to do so you have to sweat, you have to sacrifice a lot if you want to go far.
At this point you may have something in your head that prevents you from continuing reading, it is the negative power of habit.
You have a fork in the road ahead of you, close this article and live as usual, or decide to change and do what will make you make a qualitative leap, decide to reach something that will make you live better. Unless you are a masochist, or an extreme lazy person, choosing to remain mediocre or achieve excellence is a very easy choice.

Sacrifice is not something negative, because with sacrifice comes results, the more you sacrifice the more results you will have.

If you strive to improve one aspect of your life, you will consequently improve others, because you will get used to overcoming all the limits you want.

The barriers that are inside your head have not been put directly by you, but have been imposed by society. As a child you may have dreamed of flying, but someone told you that you couldn’t do it, if no one would have told you, you would have tried in every way to fly (without any means, most likely you would never have succeeded), but as for this example limit, all the barriers you have inside you, have been imposed by society. You can break them, override them, free yourself from them, but you will succeed only if you start thinking differently from how they taught you, if you want you can do everything, just believe in them (and sacrifice yourself).

Quoting a sentence taken from the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”, which I recommend to all those who want to motivate themselves in some way,

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. If you have a dream you have to protect it, when people don’t know how to do something they tell you that you don’t know how to do it, if you want something… go there and chase it!”

There is no real guide to understand how to improve yourself, the only way to do it is to create your own way, maybe imitating someone.

Reading the biographies of extraordinary men who made history is one of the many ways to understand how these people thought.

The next time you can improve yourself, but you choose to stay the way you are, ask yourself why you don’t want to do it, what or who is stopping you, ask yourself if it is better to lose a few days, weeks or months to improve your future life, or it is better to live your whole life the same way, ask yourself if you can regret in the future not having done something to improve. How would you feel?

At the end of every day it can be very useful to stop in front of the mirror and ask yourself, “have I done all I could to improve my life?”  if the answer is no for too many days in a row, that is the time to change!

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