The job application of the future


The past decade has seen incredible changes to how people apply for jobs. About 10 years ago we would fill out a paper employment application at the place where we wanted to work and turn it in. Now, the majority of applications are submitted online (fortunately) and this can help being faster, but has increased the competition.

Whether this be electronically submitting a cover letter, application, and references via e-mail or going in a website to fill out an application, we apply for jobs mostly on Internet. In addition to this, social media platforms surrounding professional profiles and CV’s (like LinkedIn) are commonplace. So, given the latest technology innovations, what does the future hold for job applications? Let’s take a moment to speculate.

New Technologies

New technologies have the potential to shift when and where you can fill out and check on job applications. While paper applications were filled out on location, the Internet has allowed us to apply to multiple jobs from a single place, wherever we feel more productive. With advancements like Google Glass, HoloLens and Oculus Rift, we may not even be limited to one place. Google Glass is the best well known example of an emergent form of technological advancement that works towards integrating tech into every moment of our lives. With devices like Google Glass or the Microsoft recently announced Hololens, it may be possible to apply to a position using voice commands while walking from one place to another. With new technology comes new freedom and creativity for the future of job applications.

Augmented reality is an exciting platform for the job application process of the future. First, it has the potential as a job-spotting tool. You may one day be able to look at a building and receive a display as to whether or not they are hiring. In addition, augmented reality may be used as a training and interview tool. Finally, augmented reality can help make video or phone interviews more personable, giving both sides a better understanding of one another even when separated by great distances.

The Jobs of the Future

Job complexity is increasing. While there will always be a need for certain jobs, the main trust in the labor force is towards more skilled positions. Hiring for these positions will benefit from the advancements in technology that speed up and improve on the interview process. How this will take shape is ultimately anyone’s guess.

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